Compugen develops therapeutic antibodies against selected target proteins for cancer immunotherapy. This activity takes place at its South San Francisco-based R&D center.

The company has secured access to a highly diverse human phage display antibody library to generate antibodies against the novel targets in its Pipeline Programs. We are using this library to screen for antibodies that bind to a given target with high specificity and affinity. Those antibodies are then tested for desired activities, such as the ability to stimulate anti-tumor immune response. Lead candidates are selected based on in vitro activity or efficacy in animal-based tumor studies, to be further advanced towards clinical development.

Traditional hybridoma approaches for antibody discovery are also used to broaden the diversity of candidate antibodies for our programs, taking  advantage of the natural evolution of antibody affinity that occurs following immunization of an animal. Combining hybridoma and phage display antibody discovery approaches offers the opportunity for generating a rich pool of diverse antibodies, and increases the likelihood of identifying optimal clinical therapeutic candidates.

Compugen's Pipeline Program

COM701 / PVRIG COM701 + Opdivo BAY 1905254 / ILDR2 COM902 / TIGIT Bi-specific products Multiple myeloid programs CGEN-15001 / ILDR2-Fc


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