Status: Therapeutic Antibody Development

CGEN-XXXX is a myeloid target candidate discovered by Compugen.

Initial validation and characterization studies show that CGEN-XXXX’s expression in tumor tissues is highly correlated with M2 macrophage markers. Macrophages are cells from the myeloid lineage of the immune system, distinct from T cells, that are highly immune suppressive in the tumor microenvironment. Blocking myeloid targets may serve as the next wave of cancer immunotherapies, with the potential for efficacy in patients non-responsive to checkpoint inhibitors. M2 macrophages are associated with cell proliferation and tissue repair, and in the context of cancer promote tumor progression and are often associated with poor prognosis. In vitro studies confirm that the target inhibits T cell activity.

We have initiated therapeutic antibody development for CGEN-XXXX.



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