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Compugen Predictive Discovery Capabilities Presented by CTO at Bio-IT Conference and Expo 2009

April 29, 2009
Tel Aviv, Israel, April 29, 2009 — Speaking today at the Bio-IT Conference and Expo 2009 in Boston, MA, Compugen’s chief technology officer, Dr. Yossi Cohen, presented an overview of the company’s capabilities and recent achievements in computer based predictive discovery of drug and diagnostic product candidates, emphasizing the power, cost effectiveness and broad applicability of these proprietary methodologies.

In his presentation, titled “Predictive In-silico Science: Shifting the Discovery Paradigm”, Dr. Cohen provided examples of product candidate discoveries and recent validation results from several of the Company’s ten discovery platforms. These included product candidates from its GPCR ligands and DAC blockers platforms – both designed for the discovery of novel therapeutic peptide drug candidates but based on different predictive methodologies – and candidates from a platform designed for the discovery of novel targets for antibody therapeutics.

Dr. Cohen explained how each Compugen discovery platform incorporates in silico prediction and selection components leading to multiple putative product candidates. These candidates are then prioritized for experimental validation.

Dr. Cohen stated, “The development of an increasing number of discovery platforms, each addressing a different field of drug, drug target or biomarker discovery, and the subsequent discovery of attractive product candidates from each, continues to be achieved at Compugen by a well experienced and focused multidisciplinary team of scientists.”

“This is possible,” Dr. Cohen continued, “because of a substantial and growing portfolio of underlying computational biology capabilities, a product of more than a decade of research efforts focused on obtaining deeper predictive understandings and the modeling of key biological phenomena. These proprietary underlying capabilities both lead us to potential new areas for discovery and are available to us whenever we begin work on a new platform. In fact, what we often find is that a considerable portion of the components and understandings necessary to build a new field-focused platform is already available to us when we begin the project.”

Dr. Cohen concluded by highlighting two important observations from Compugen’s broad experience in the field of predictive discovery. First is the importance of assessing in advance how amenable the underlying scientific question of interest is to computational discovery approaches in general, and specifically to Compugen’s growing portfolio of proprietary capabilities; and second, the absolute necessity of supporting experimental data to confirm, validate and expand the resulting predictive power.

About Compugen

Compugen (NASDAQ: CGEN) is a leading drug and diagnostic product candidate discovery company. Unlike traditional high throughput trial and error experimental based discovery, Compugen’s discovery efforts are based on in-silico (by computer) prediction and selection utilizing a growing number of field focused proprietary discovery platforms accurately modeling biological processes at the molecular level. The resulting product candidates are then validated through in vitro and in vivo experimental studies and out-licensed for further development and commercialization under various forms of revenue sharing agreements. Compugen’s current collaborations include Biosite, Medarex, Inc., Merck & Co., Inc., Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics (a Johnson & Johnson company), Roche, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, Inc., and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries. In 2002, Compugen established an affiliate, Evogene Ltd. (TASE: EVGN.TA), to utilize certain of the Company’s in-silico predictive discovery capabilities in agricultural biotechnology. For additional information, please visit Compugen’s corporate Web site at

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