Compugen discovers novel drug targets through a unique, predictive, computational process that combines human biology derived from genome analysis with disease information derived from analysis of vast amount of proprietary and publicly available data. This process, which is generally applicable to many fields of medical interest, usually results in multiple drug target candidates. Our comprehensive data analysis therefore enables us to often identify first-in-class drug target candidates, which are difficult to identify using traditional screening approaches.

Built on the understanding and mathematical modeling of biological phenomena, our discovery process is flexible enough to be applicable to a wide range of indications and diseases. Our computational tools were tested and optimized for over a decade and have been successfully applied to many biological phenomena, resulting in findings which were published in dozens of first-tier peer reviewed scientific journals. The applicability of the infrastructure was demonstrated internally in multiple therapeutic and diagnostic areas and, in contrast to traditional discovery methodologies, demonstrated significant advantages in terms of cost, time and most importantly, probability of successful validation.

Our in silico discovery process is followed by a therapeutically focused validation phase, in which the novel candidates undergo an extensive set of experiments to confirm the in silico prediction and provide additional detailed data as to their relevance and potential as drug targets for therapeutic development.


Predictive Discovery

Our process for in silico discovery of novel drug targets

Target Discovery

An overview of our process for the discovery of B7/CD28-like and other immunomodulators

Target Validation

Therapeutically focused drug target validation pipeline


ILDR2 is a Novel B7-like Protein that Negatively Regulates T Cell Responses

Hecht et al, The Journal of Immunology, in press
Feb 2018

PVRIG Expression is Associated with T Cell Exhaustion and Synergizes with TIGIT to Inhibit Anti-Tumor Responses

Eran Ofir, Maya Kotturi, Ofer Levy, Sarah Whelan, Sudipto Ganguly, Ling Leung, Liat Dassa, Zoya Alterbar, Atrhur Machlenkin, Drew Pardoll, Mark White, Spencer Liang
Jan 2018

Development and Functional Characterization of COM902, a Novel Therapeutic Antibody Targeting the Immune Checkpoint TIGIT

Sandeep Kumar, Radhika Desai, Hsin-Yuan Cheng, Kyle Hansen, Andy Drake, Patrick Wall, Kathryn Logronio, Gady Cojocaru, John Hunter, Mark White, Spencer Liang and Maya Kotturi
Nov 2017