Bristol-Myers Squibb

In October 2018, Compugen entered into a clinical trial collaboration with Bristol-Myers Squibb to evaluate the safety and tolerability of Compugen’s COM701 in combination with Bristol-Myers Squibb’s PD-1 immune checkpoint inhibitor Opdivo® (nivolumab), in patients with advanced solid tumors.

Under the terms of the collaboration agreement, Compugen will sponsor the ongoing two-part Phase 1 trial, which includes the evaluation of the combination of COM701 and Opdivo in four tumor types, including non-small cell lung, ovarian, breast and endometrial cancer. The collaboration is also designed to address potential future combinations, including trials sponsored by Bristol-Myers Squibb to investigate combined inhibition of checkpoint mechanisms, such as PVRIG and TIGIT. The clinical combination of multiple immune checkpoint inhibition is designed to test the biological rationale of the PVRIG pathway and the synergistic activity demonstrated in preclinical models.

In conjunction with this collaboration, Bristol-Myers Squibb made a strategic investment in Compugen and now holds approximately 4% of Compugen.

In February 2020, the collaboration was expanded to include a triple combination clinical trial to evaluate the safety, tolerability and antitumor activity of COM701 in combination with Opdivo® and Bristol-Myers Squibb’s investigational anti-TIGIT inhibitor, BMS-986207, in patients with advanced solid tumors. Compugen will sponsor the study and Bristol-Myers Squibb will provide Opdivo® and BMS-986207 at no cost.

Our goal is to evaluate whether the innovative combination of COM701 with Opdivo is safe and active in various tumor types. We look forward to building a strong collaboration with Compugen and addressing significant unmet needs.
Fouad Namouni, M.D., Head of Development, Oncology, Bristol-Myers Squibb


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