Compugen is a clinical-stage drug discovery and development company with a unique, broadly applicable, predictive discovery infrastructure, which is advancing a therapeutic pipeline consisting mainly of early-stage immuno-oncology programs, aimed at harnessing the immune system to eradicate cancer. Our pipeline is based on novel Compugen-discovered drug targets, primarily immune checkpoint candidates that are predicted to provide cancer immunotherapies addressing unmet cancer types and patient populations, both as monotherapy and in combination.

The Company’s business model relies on maximizing the commercial value of its one-of-a kind systematic discovery capability by entering into various forms of revenue-sharing collaborations for its product candidates at both early and later stages of development. Compugen is headquartered in Holon, Israel. Its R&D center is also located in Holon, while clinical development and business development activities are located in our South San Francisco facility.

The establishment of Compugen’s broadly applicable discovery infrastructure required over a decade of pioneering multidisciplinary research involving in-depth understanding of key biological phenomena combined with the development of unparalleled computational modeling capabilities. This infrastructure, which is constantly enhanced and extended, has been designed to allow the Company  to focus on a selected biomedical field of research, and to emerge with a set of novel drug targets that otherwise would have been challenging, or perhaps even impossible, to identify.  We have internally demonstrated the applicability of our discovery infrastructure in multiple therapeutic and diagnostic areas and have demonstrated significant advantages of our methodologies in terms of cost, time and most importantly, probability of successful experimental validation, in comparison to traditional discovery methods.

In 2010, we chose oncology and immunology as our primary fields of interest, with a core focus on immuno-oncology. Immuno-oncology represents a paradigm shift in the treatment of cancer, and biological drugs blocking known immune checkpoint targets have already resulted in impressive long-term patient survival in certain cancer types. We thus directed our predictive discovery spotlight on the field of immune checkpoints as the Company’s first application of its discovery infrastructure, with a goal of addressing the unmet need for novel, effective cancer immunotherapies. Within a few months of predictive discovery work, we significantly enriched the more than twenty-year-old field of immune checkpoints with the discovery of novel immune checkpoint drug target candidates. We have expanded our discovery capabilities to include myeloid target candidates within the tumor microenvironment.

Today, our unique predictive discovery capabilities have resulted in one of the broadest and most promising novel, early-stage target pipelines for immuno-oncology in the industry. Our pipeline includes multiple opportunities for first-in-class therapeutics addressing areas of unmet medical need in oncology.

We intend to continue to enhance and extend our leading predictive drug discovery capabilities and apply them to additional unmet medical needs. By doing so, the Company looks forward to providing the industry with a systematic source of novel and promising first-in-class drug opportunities, offering meaningful contributions to medicine and attractive rewards to our investors.


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