Status: Therapeutic Antibody Development

CGEN-15029 is a novel B7/CD28-like immune checkpoint target candidate discovered by Compugen.

Initial validation studies show that expression of CGEN-15029 in T-cells inhibits their activation by melanoma cells, consistent with an immune suppressive role of the target in the tumor microenvironment. The target possesses signature immune-checkpoint receptor characteristics, including expression in relevant subsets of T- and NK-cells, with particularly high expression in lymphocytes that populate the tumor microenvironment (known as tumor infiltrating lymphocytes or TILs).  A binding partner for CGEN-15029 has also been identified, which enables a clear path towards selection of inhibitory antibodies and their therapeutic development. CGEN-15029 is our highest priority mAb program and was selected to be advanced toward clinical testing.

In June 2016, COM701 was selected as the lead therapeutic candidate for CGEN-15029. COM701 is undergoing preclinical development activities in preparation for advancement to clinical trials. The selected humanized lead antibody demonstrated potent, reproducible enhancement of T cell activation, consistent with the desired mechanism of action of activating T cells in the tumor microenvironment to generate anti-tumor immune responses.