Status: Therapeutic Candidate Selection

CGEN-15001 is our lead program for autoimmune diseases. CGEN-15001 is an Fc fusion protein that contains the extracellular domain of CGEN-15001T, a novel immune checkpoint discovered by Compugen. CGEN-15001 was demonstrated to inhibit activation of T-cells and to restore immune balance.
In pre-clinical models of autoimmune diseases including multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, type I diabetes and psoriasis, CGEN-15001 demonstrated pronounced and sustained therapeutic effect following a short period of treatment. Further animal model data indicate that the durable therapeutic response to CGEN-15001 treatment is potentially maintained via regulatory T cells (Tregs), a type of immune cells known to have critical roles in the maintenance of immune tolerance. In addition, CGEN-15001 was highly effective in preventing graft rejection in an animal model of bone marrow transplantation, suggesting that this drug candidate acts through an induction of immune tolerance.