Research Scientist

Job Description

The research scientist will report to the Validation pipeline team leader in the
Immune-Oncology Research, R&D. The candidate will be responsible to design and establish experimental systems for functional validation of novel immunomodulatory molecules discovered by Compugen, with a particular focus on immuno-modulators of myeloid biology, including development of relevant functional assays and work with primary human and murine myeloid cells. Responsible to plan and conduct experiments, record and analyze data, present results to management, write research reports, interact with other research and administration staff. The candidate is expected to think out of the box, propose original solutions to complex problems, to perform the hands-on experimental work and to be an excellent team worker.

Job Functions and Accountabilities:

  • Design and establish experimental systems for evaluating human and mouse myeloid immunomodulatory molecules
  • Plan and execute in-vitro functional experiments
  • Perform FACS analysis of myeloid subsets in mice and human tumor samples
  • In a timely manner, record results in laboratory notebook, prepare written reports and oral presentations
  • Collaborate with team members to ensure timely progress of research projects according to the pipeline prioritization



  • PhD in Immunology with specialization in myeloid biology – must

Skills Requirements:

  • More than 3 years of Myeloid biology research in academic or industrial environment
  • Prior experience in cell based assays - must
  • Prior experience in working with primary immune cells (mouse and human)  - must
  • Vast experience with multicolor FACS analysis - must
  • Experience with viral expression systems would be an advantage
  • Scientific background in immune-oncology would be an advantage
  • Track record of scientific accomplishment as evidenced by quality and quantity of publications and/or inventions